Re: SPDX License List v2.4 released

Sam Ellis <Sam.Ellis@...>

I see an error reported at the top of this page:


The error is:


error on line 213 at column 22: Entity 'copy' not defined


I obtained this URL by searching for “spdx perl artistic license 2.0” in google.


Interestingly there is no error here:


Do we deliberately provide two URLs for each license?


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Thanks for catching this Alexios - you are right as to where the error is coming from… 


I’ll work with Gary to fix this.




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On Apr 8, 2016, at 6:52 AM, Zavras, Alexios <alexios.zavras@...> wrote:


This license is empty:

I assume because the reference (at least in the Excel file) is to “NLOD-1..txt” instead of “NLOD-1.0.txt”.


-- zvr


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Hi All,


Version 2.4 of the SPDX License List is now available in the usual places.  We added 9 new licenses for this release, including some international licenses and newly-approved by the OSI.


You will also notice a new look to the license list pages - this is part of the new website revamp.  You will see the new look on the rest of the pages soon!






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