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Marvin Humphrey <marvin@...>

Thanks, everyone, for the quick responses! I've successfully built and run
the tools from Github, and I found the sample RDF files within the repo.

On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 1:53 PM, Gary O'Neall <gary@...> wrote:

Just following up on Bill's email, I would be happy to provide you any
information/background on using SPDX/RDF for Apache.
Here's a bit more context: On my own initiative, I'm exploring SPDF as a
general solution for documenting dependency licensing for Apache projects.
See this thread I started yesterday on the Apache legal-discuss list:

I've also written a Maven plugin that generates SPDX/RDF files at that may provide another
example application.
This plugin would surely be very useful for any Maven-driven Java project, but
for my purposes, it cannot be counted on as available -- in fact the pilot
project is likely to be a C project. (There are a lot of Java projects at
Apache, but the Foundation is actually technology-neutral.) It is not
important to deliver anything concrete in the near term -- instead, the goal
is to understand how much effort it would for *any* Apache project to generate
SPDX data. The worst case is particularly important -- no Maven plugin,
minimal XML expertise, etc.

Let me know what other information I can help with.
What I envision as most helpful would be a tutorial which shows how to craft
SPDX data manually for progressively more complex scenarios.

* Start off with a single "hello world" source file.
* Add several more source files under the same license.
* Add a bundled dependency under the same license but with a different
copyright holder.
* Add a bundled dependency under a different license.
* Add a seperately-downloaded dependency under a different license.
* Generate a binary distribution.

And so on. There are naturally many corner cases to deal with (which I'm sure
comes as no surprise to you all), and I don't expect that such documentation
exists because my use case is esoteric -- but I hope that communicates where
I'm headed with this.

Marvin Humphrey

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