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Gary O'Neall

Hi Marvin,

Just following up on Bill's email, I would be happy to provide you any
information/background on using SPDX/RDF for Apache.

I've also written a Maven plugin that generates SPDX/RDF files at that may provide another
example application.

The RDF terms are defined at

Let me know what other information I can help with.

Best regards,

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Hi Marvin,
Welcome to the list and thanks for your interest!

Is this you?

Regarding samples and tools, our spdx-tools repo is mirrored here:

Primary developer for those tools is Gary O'Neall, with some
contributions from others.

Have a look, and I'm certain that Gary and some hands-on tech team
contributors would be happy to guide you through their use.

- Bill

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I'm an active contributor at the Apache Software Foundation with
regards to release policy and licensing. I'd like to explore the
possibility of having an Apache project supply SPDX data in a release.

I'm imagining that we would supply SPDX data as an RDF file, because
our official releases are 100% source. I also imagine that we would
want to either hand-craft those files or generate them using open
source tools.

Can you point me to some sample RDF files, tutorials, or documentation
explaining how I would go about that? It's been surprisingly
to track down such materials.


Marvin Humphrey
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