Re: Thursday SPDX General Meeting Reminder

Manbeck, Jack

I’ll use the uber conference for a little show and tell. Nothing spectacular.


Best Regards,


Jack Manbeck



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Subject: Thursday SPDX General Meeting Reminder


There were some issues with meeting invitations. You should have a meeting in your calendar with the new dial in info, also included below


I have a conflict and will not be able to attend this session. Kirsten will host and take notes on my behalf. Big thanks, Kirsten!


Special “guest" speaker this month is our own Jack Manbeck. He will be talking about TI’s use of and plans for SPDX.





Meeting Time: Thurs, Jan 4, 8am PDT / 10 am CDT / 11am EDT / 15:00 UTC.

Conf call dial-in:

Optional dial in number: 877-297-7470

Alternate number: 512-910-4433

No PIN needed



Administrative Agenda




Technical Team Report – Kate 



Legal Team Report – Jilayne



Business Team Report – Jack



Cross Functional Issues - Kirsten


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