General Meeting/Minutes/2015-10-01 - SPDX Wiki

Philip Odence

* Attendance: 5

* Lead by Phil Odence

* Minutes of August meeting approved

== searchcode presentation - Nuno Brito ==

* Background

** Has been working with SPDX for two years and it’s been a good experience

** Hard to get engineers to use SPDX with out good examples for them to examine

** seachdcode seemed to be a good solution

* searchcode

** Started by a developer in Austrailia

** Seemed like a great place to make SPDX available

* Questions / Discussions

** Interest in having link from SPDX

** Files seem to have some extra fields so won’t validate

*** Nuno is very open and suggests filing bugs

** Adoption in Europe

*** Everyone that Nuno is working with is using SPDX

*** He’s found little resistance

*** Some people are more comfortable with tag value, but bigger projects are find with RDF

*** Still there is some difficulty for adoption.

== Biz Team Report - Jack ==

* Website

** Working with LF, migrating to new website/new templates

** In parallel will be implementing the new ideas for ease of use

== Tech Team Report - Kate/Gary ==

* No official update

* Main foci have been

** External references

*** Balance between specificity and handling broad cases

*** Specific discussion of vulnerabilities

** Snippets

== Legal Team Report - Jilayne ==

* No official update

* Have been processing more licenses with an eye to getting next release out

== Cross Functional Topics - Phil ==

* LinuxCon Europe 

* SW Supply Chain Summit

== Attendees ==

* Phil Odence, Black Duck

* Mark Gisi, Wind River 

* Scott Sterling, Palamida 

* Nuno Brito, TripleCheck

* Jack Manbeck, TI

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