Joint SPDX Tech / Legal call - namespaces By Gary O'Neall ·
Canonicalisation Committee: please vote on Enumeration type format 3 messages By Sebastian Crane ·
Canonicalization - enumerations 6 messages By David Kemp ·
Event: SPDX Defects Profile Meeting #cal-invite By Group Notification ·
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Updated Event: Build Profile Meeting 3 messages #cal-invite By Group Notification ·
Event: Build Profile Meeting #cal-invite By Group Notification ·
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SPDX 3.0 Minimal Serialization By Gary O'Neall ·
Will be late for today's Canonicalisation meeting By Sebastian Crane ·
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V3 Model By David Kemp ·
Canonicalization By David Kemp ·
License Identification 4 messages By David Kemp ·
Update on 2.3 release and schema review 6 messages By Gary O'Neall ·
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FW: Minutes and follow-up from today's joint tech/legal call on namespaces By Gary O'Neall ·
Tech call meeting minutes By Gary O'Neall ·
Jun 14 agenda 2 messages By Nisha Kumar ·
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