Re: SPDX Implementers meeting Wednesday June 1st

Rose Judge

Hi Dick,


For future reference, the meeting is link is:


To subscribe to the meeting invite please do so here: using the “Subscribe to calendar” button. The next meeting is scheduled for June 15th.





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Please resend the Wednesday invitation. It’s not on my calendar.




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Hello SPDX Implementers,


The second SPDX implementers meeting is tomorrow, June 1st (8am PDT/11am EDT/5pm CEST). Here’s the agenda:


  • Approve meeting minutes from the last call.
  • Please add your tool to the SPDX SBOM landscape.
  • Follow-up discussion about SPDX formats: What’s needed? What’s most useful? Should any be deprecated?
  • Open table



If you have any other topics you would like to cover, please feel free to add to the agenda here:


Talk to you soon,




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