Weekly public tools-python (/testbed) meeting

Nicolaus Weidner

Hi all,

since activities have shifted from the testbed to the Python tools,
we'd like to repurpose the weekly meeting that was announced in the
attached email.
Going forward, it will be a combined meeting for the testbed and the
Python tools, with strong focus on the latter for the time being.
Anyone interested in discussing the current state and upcoming plans is
welcome to join!

For convenience: https://zoom.us/j/98741582779
Thursdays 5.30pm-6pm CEST (8.30am-9am PST)


On Thu, 2022-10-20 at 06:39 -0700, Nicolaus Weidner via lists.spdx.org
Hi all,

we're happy to announce a new SPDX-related project, the testbed. "We"
meaning Max Huber, Armin Tänzer, Meret Behrens and myself (Nico

The idea is to provide a library that can be used to test other
libraries and tools. This can act as quality control, but also show
the capabilities of each tool - for example, a given tool might only
handle json and xml files, or only specific versions of the SPDX
spec. Providing an overview of tools and their capabilities will help
end users decide on which tool is the right one for their use case.
The testbed provides a number of test cases, together with
instructions on how to solve them. So far, only cases concerned with
the generation of a valid SPDX document with prescribed content
exist, but it is planned to extend this to other tool capabilities
like conversion or validation of documents. In order to integrate
with the testbed, a developer of a tool would select the desired
tasks, solve them using his/her tool and let the testbed validate the
solution. These steps together then make up a Github Actions workflow
specific to this tool. The testbed repo currently contains such a
workflow that uses https://github.com/spdx/tools-java , to serve as
an example.

The current version is available under
https://github.com/TNG/spdx-testbed, though it is planned to be moved
to the spdx org in the near future.
There is a number of issues/improvements that we already know of, and
certainly a number that we are unaware of. We'd be happy to get
feedback regarding usability, features or other topics. Contributions
are also very welcome!

There will be a weekly public meeting to discuss the development of
the testbed, Thursdays 5.30pm-6pm CEST (8.30am-9am PST), starting
today. Sorry for the short notice regarding today's meeting! It is
not planned as a special introductory meeting though, as these
meetings were simply converted from private to public meetings with
the public release of the testbed.

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