Minutes update and agenda for Tuesday's Tech Call

Gary O'Neall

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I created the following pull requests for meeting minutes:


We covered a lot of ground on our Friday’s call.  We’ll take the first part of the tech team call this Tuesday to discuss and gain consent on decisions made during the call.  Below is the list of decisions – for full details and context, please see the minutes referenced above and the Puch List Issue #29


  * Core profile will have a union of all properties used in profiles for the 3.0 release as opposed to a layered approach - profiles can add further constraints on properties and we can have different namespaces for different profiles.  Profiles can also create new classes not in core.  We will revisit this decision prior to 3.0 release to make sure we didn't create too much additional complexity.

  * ExternalIdentifier and ExternalReference will be concrete classes which can also be subclassed

  * Core model will have the union of all enum values from profiles - we'll check later if this creates a mess and revisit once all enum values are collected

  * If trying to use a relationship type (or any enum), use other as the relationship type, and use extension to provide detail of relationship type. From a spec perspective it's just other. From a tool implementer perspective, if you want to be forward compatible, you can ignore relationship types don't understand.

  * Adding to OTHER to hash algorithm enumeration & Comment to Integrity method

  * Should Actor have its own identifier property? - William will clean the model diagram for a discuss today

  * Relationships will be 1 to many type relationships

  * Keep the current 2.3 cardinality of relationship completeness - optional with a default "Known"

  * Allow optional fields with defined default values

  * New items added:

    * Do we deprecate external reference types that are now covered by PURL?

    * Moving comment from element to CreationInfo



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