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Manbeck, Jack

Hi Varshak,


Are you looking to work on a google summer of code project for SPDX or help contribute to the SPDX tools or specification, etc.,. (not google summer of code)?







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Hi Varshak,

     Welcome!   Glad you're interested in participating in our community.  I am copying the spdx-tech mail list where we 

discuss the GSoC efforts.


     Ideas we've come up with so far are listed on: https://wiki.spdx.org/view/GSOC/GSOC_ProjectIdeas,  but we're in active idea gathering  mode this week,  so suggestions are welcome as well.





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I would like to contribute to the open source community ..I have majorly worked on backend on 2 college sponsored projects and working currently on a project by Government Organization. I have fair knowledge in Javascript, NodeJs, Typescript, Spring Boot, Laravel , Docker and apache thrift. It woukd be great if could if someone could help me get started





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