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J Lovejoy

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for pointing this out. I tried to add a comment, but it appears to be closed. Thomas is active in the SPDX-tech team, but would be nice if someone from the SPDX-legal could add a bit - anyone part of TODO Group who can comment?

Copying the tech team for awareness as well. 

(Btw, this message got caught up as from a non-member - not sure if you used a different email address?)


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From: "Anthony Ronda" <spdx@...>
Subject: TODO Group comments on SPDX+GitHub
Date: August 3, 2021 at 9:59:58 AM MDT

This conversation might benefit from the participation of experienced SPDX folks. In summary, they're discussing the lack of GitHub support for complex licensing identification that could in theory be supported with SPDX identifiers. ORT gets a shout-out.

Repo description:
A curated set of issues related to GitHub and running corporate scale open source that the TODO Group would advocate for with GitHub or possibly in git itself.

In case you haven't heard of TODO Group:

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