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You can refresh your memory on the discussions (2015-2020) by reading
I still like my example from that thread: Do we really want to be able to understand
Mit and gpl-2.0 And Gpl-1.0+ aNd ePl-1.0 aND isc
or can we simplify our lives and have one way of expressing the combinations?
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However, please be aware that it is often important to match with the case of the canonical identifier on the SPDX License List. This is because the canonical identifier's case is used in the URL of the license's or exception's entry on the List, and because the canonical identifier is translated to a URI in RDF documents.
I'm wondering - was there a particular reason that the license expression operators are case-sensitive (while the license ids are not)?
IMHO it would be a good time to revisit this.
The case of license identifier does not and never did really matter
otherwise. It does not matter to users. And most tools do not care
The tyranny of a serialization format (e.g. RDF) or a technical
requirement such as URL on a website should not impact everyone. These
should be solved differently.

What about adopting a simple way: define once for all that a canonical
license expression and identifier representation are either all
lowercase or all uppercase and be done with this topic for good.
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