SPDX in OSPOlogy.live

Thomas Steenbergen

Hi SPDX Outreach,

Ana Jimenez (TODO PM) and myself have been working on a new meet up framework called OSPOlogy.live which is 2-day unconference-style in-person workshop for OSPOs.

Exact details can be found in ospology/pull/126 but our aim of this initiative bring together the various communities involved in OSPO-specific topics to help organizations effectively implement OSPO Programs based on specific region needs.
Topics range from safely using open source to license compliance, sustainability, contributing back to the community, and more.

Being involved in SPDX myself I would love the SPDX project to get involved with this initiative so we can highlight SPDX standard and its community to the attending OSPOs but also learn from their challenges to improve SPDX.

Happy to any questions over email or in the next SPDX Outreach call..

Warm regards,

Thomas Steenbergen - github.com/tsteenbe