spdx-legal meeting today

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

We have a meeting at noon eastern time today. Let’s have a look at:
- Steve’s PR as per his previous email, see https://github.com/spdx/license-list-XML/pull/1883 codifying the exceptions criteria as discussed a couple meeting ago (this is simply capturing what we’ve been doing, as that was not documented, so should not be controversial)

- a few issues that relate to “exceptions” or something like an exception:

GSoC update: we have a few students interested in the GSoC project for improving the SPDX online license submission tool and xml editor. Rohit and I are the mentors for the project. I’ve encouraged them to get familiar with using the tool and the process, so if you see issues or PRs marked “TEST” that is why. Please feel free to comment, answer questions, and otherwise support these contributors!