meeting tomorrow and some topics

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

Just a reminder we have our legal call tomorrow/Thursday at the usual time and place.
Paul and I both have a conflicts, but Steve will there.

Now that we have 3.14 out the door (thanks to all who helped!), here are a few other roles and projects that it would be good to address:

- Earlier this year we discussed divvying up some specific, regular roles: one of them being note-taking during meetings, which Christina has graciously taken the lead on - thanks!
- Another was "license request steward" - basically, ensuring new license requests get addressed, labeled, and a milestone added. I believe Emmanuel volunteered for this back in March, but he seems to not be around as much, so perhaps we should reassign this?
- We also were going to undertake a review of the FAQ, made a Gdoc to edit/collaborate  - - and I think I realized much of it was so out-dated that is needed a heavy update/re-write.  Sebastian - I think the revived Outreach team has since been looking at the website overall, can you give an update as to how that plays out with the license list FAQs and let the legal team know what help the Outreach team needs at this point?
- Steve, is this a good time for an update on the licensing profile, next steps, where the legal team should engage, do we need joint tech/legal team meetings, etc.

Have a good call and see you all in a couple weeks!