Change proposal, 2023 meeting schedule, etc.

J Lovejoy

Hi SPDX legal and tech teams,

I’m cross-posting this for wider visibility as some of this impacts both teams:

In regard to legal team meetings for the rest of 2022: we will have our regularly scheduled meeting on Dec 22nd and use that time as a working session to help go through the process for reviewing licenses and creating PRs (XML and txt files) for new submissions for anyone who wants to bring questions, etc.

We still need to have a cross-team meeting to discuss and decide on the Change Proposal for adding ExceptionRef-
Considering it’s now the end of the year, we will schedule a discussion on this topic for the first SPDX-legal team meeting of 2023 on Jan 12th @ noon Eastern time, US. Steve will send a single invite for the Jan 12th to both teams. Please keep an eye out for that and feel free to add comments to the issue in the meantime.

Steve will also send recurring invites for the regular legal team meetings on the  2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, starting Jan 26th at our usual time.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all!