call at top of the hour

J Lovejoy

Hi folks,

We have a regular SPDX-legal call at the top of the hour (noon, Eastern time) at

We'll have a look at whatever needs attention to close out our "documentation release" - some items that we need to address include:
- updates to the SPDX License Submission online tool. I have a PR for this and Gary is helping me with testing on Friday, but I wanted to check that I have all the changes and would like feedback on one additional thing
- FAQs - plan for getting all the new changes into a PR, I also noted a formatting item that I wanted to share with the group!
- any further feedback on Steve's PR to Add documentation on XML templates and fields #1677
- review of what's left on our "list" for Documentation tasks

Also note, Alexios submitted a Change Proposal for adding "ExceptionRef-" to the spec. You can review the Change Proposal itself here: and comment here:
While we won't have time to discuss this on today's call, please do comment and we will consider if a wider discussion would be appropriate on the next legal team call.