FW: [spdx-tech] Proposed topic for this week's tech call: Extend license expressions to include OR-MAYBE

Gary O'Neall

FYI – I forgot to cc the legal team on the follow-up email to the tech team.


Anyone on the legal team interested in the OR-MAYBE topic is welcome to join the call tomorrow.




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Subject: [spdx-tech] Proposed topic for this week's tech call: Extend license expressions to include OR-MAYBE


I would like to discuss adding an OR-MAYBE operator to the license expression on this week’s tech call Tuesday 10AM Pacific time.  This is a proposal to support a couple of use cases raised by myself and David Wheeler on the legal email list where it would be valuable to express a partial conclusion to for a license where it is ambiguous which license applies.


Below is a proposed list of questions we can address:


- Do we agree the “OR-MAYBE” should be added?

- Do we agree with the term "OR-MAYBE", or should we go with a single character like "?"?

- Should we disallow "OR-MAYBE" in declared license fields (it would only be used in concluded license fields)?

- What is the exact definition of the "OR-MAYBE" we would include in the spec?

- What version of the spec should we target?


This discussion originated on the legal list, but will have an impact on the SPDX specification and the technical team.


The original proposal for this extension was an email from W. Trevor King on the legal mailing list as part of the GPL unclear versions email thread: https://lists.spdx.org/pipermail/spdx-legal/2017-September/002233.html


A description of the auditor use case and how the OR-MAYBE helps can be found here: https://lists.spdx.org/pipermail/spdx-legal/2017-November/002359.html


The larger thread of use case descriptions can be found on the legal team email threads for November: https://lists.spdx.org/pipermail/spdx-legal/2017-November/






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