call tomorrow!

J Lovejoy

Hi All,

You should have received a recurring invite for SPDX Legal calls in 2016 beginning tomorrow.  If you did not, let me know off-list.

Call in 2016 will be at the same bat-time and same bat-channel:

Agenda for tomorrow’s call:

1) A discussion came up on the tech team regarding how to identify when there truly is no license and a package is just “all rights reserved” - please read the thread here: including my response at the bottom.  I hope to have some members of the tech team on the call for this discussion as well.

2) Please review the 2016 priorities list, which is now posted here:
I’ll be looking for people to take the lead on some of these items.
Regarding the markup project - as we have earmarked this as a main priority for 2016 and this discussion has been resurrected on the tech call recently, please re-familiarize yourself with this topic before our call tomorrow. 


SPDX Legal Team co-lead