license list issues resolved

J Lovejoy

Hi All,

The following issues have been resolved for the next release of the license list as described below.  If anyone has any concern with how it has been resolved, please respond to this email immediately.

FreeImage Public License: We reviewed this license as part of the Fedora list and had originally decided not to add it, due to it being the same as MPL-1.0 except for the names.  The plan was to handle such differences with a template for MPL-1.0.  But upon further inspection, FreeImage also differs from MPL-1.0 in regards to choice of law and jurisdiction.  This is a substantive difference and not appropriate to be handled via a template.  Thus, FreeImage has now been added to the SPDX License List.

Standard ML of New Jersey License: We ended up with this license on the license list twice: once as of v1.17 with the short identifier: SMLNJ and then added (again) as of v1.20 with the short identifier: StandardML-NJ.  Thus the former will be deprecated as of the next license list release. 


SPDX Legal Team co-lead

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