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J Lovejoy

Hi All,

In preparing the SPDX License List v1.20 for release, I noticed an oddity with the SugarCRM License, v1.1.3

The license text here, (which is where we got the license text from for the SPDX data), is slightly different than what we had for the license in the current (v1.19) version of the SPDX License List - the version at the url currently does not have the definition for “Commercial Use” and it also has some sub-sections out of numerical or alphabetical order.  I did not do a complete merge-and-compare of the substantive text, as the differences were enough such that it would fail as a match with our version.  Since the license version number is the same and there is no other signs of a new version or license update, I updated the .txt file for v1.20 to match the text contained on the url.  I have no idea why there was a mismatch, as this was a license that has been on the SPDX License List since early iterations.  If someone wants to do further research on this issue (maybe by starting with contacting SugarCRM?), that would be very much appreciated.

I’m also attaching the v1.19 .txt file of the license text for reference.

SPDX Legal Team co-lead

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