Re: Possible typo in Affero licenses

J Lovejoy

Fixed with proper link for v1.20 (next release)


SPDX Legal Team co-lead

On Jun 13, 2014, at 2:57 PM, Nuno Brito <nuno.brito@...> wrote:

Hi Jilayne,

Thank you, that's great to hear.

Perhaps there is a bugtracker where these minor details can be reported?

There's another noted today. The BSD 4 clause original page: mentions a link to the page but the link points to a different BSD variant (2 clause).

Wishing a good weekend,
Nuno Brito

On 12-06-2014 18:58, J Lovejoy wrote:
Thanks Nuno, I think we have fixed this for the next version of the License
List (which will be released later this summer, along with 2.0 of the spec),
but this is a good reminder to check to make sure!


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Subject: Possible typo in Affero licenses

Dear legal team,

There might be a typo on the license list in regards to Affero.

Currently one reads:
GNU Affero General Public License v1.0
GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

However, I'm noting that the "GNU" term isn't applicable on the first and
second versions of Affero. Only the third version was published by the FSF
and added with a GNU prefix.

With kind regards,
Nuno Brito
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