legal call Thursday

J Lovejoy

Tomorrow, Thursday - 10am PT / 1pm ET 

(the invite has been updated, but included here for clarification)

Conference Number: +1-857-216-2871 
User PIN: 38633 

International: visit the URL at

As per the decision to do a release of the SPDX License List with (as many of) the to-be-added licenses from the Fedora list review, we’ll focus this call on any issues or questions in regards to the next rev of the license list:

1) Updating the Licenses Under Consideration page, see: 
1) Ruby - we still need to resolve this (it didn’t end up getting removed from v1.19) - see link to meeting minutes,

2)  Zend Engine 2.0 - confirm this is already being entered as part of Fedora list

3) “old” MIT - does this match anything we already decided to add from Fedora list?

4) GPL 2.0 / 2.0+ identifier - we can probably remove this from this list, as this issue is moot in light of the to-be-implemented license expression syntax

5) Unicode - let’s resolve this, one way or another (check Fedora list)

6) Do What the F License - other version - did we make a decision on this? Can’t find anything in meeting minutes… (did this fall through the cracks due to timing?) see: and - issue also involves whether to rename short identifier to include version number

7) Fedora List - I have added most of the new licenses, but came across a few questions in the process. see purple in the “ADD” column here:
specifically (notes in far right column of spreadsheet):

Celtx Public License (CePL)
DSDP License
Giftware License
Leptonica License

SPDX Legal Team co-lead

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