bzip2 license

J Lovejoy

Oliver and SPDX-Legal,

Just wanted to point out that we had previously accepted the bzip2 license to be included on the next version of the SPDX License List (which is now soon to be released) and in the necessary work to do so, noticed that there are different versions of this license. The url included on Oliver’s initial request and what you find on the bzip2 website is version 1.0.5, but the current download of bzip2 (which is version 1.0.6) has a slightly different license. The difference is that the newer version omits the last couple sentences regarding patents. After some discussion about what to do about this, we decided to add both versions of the license (using 1.0.5 and 1.0.6 as license version numbers) to the SPDX License List.

Thought it’d be helpful to bring this to everyone’s attention specifically.


SPDX Legal Team co-lead

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