update and agenda for meeting tomorrow

J Lovejoy

Hi All, 

A couple updates and the agenda for tomorrow’s call:

Minutes from May 1st meeting have been posted here: http://wiki.spdx.org/view/Legal_Team/Minutes/2014-05-01

Fedora List review: we had our second special call today with Tom Incorvia, Dennis Clark, Paul Madick, and Jilayne - got through 15 more licenses; 29 to go!!

Agenda for tomorrow’s legal call:

1)  License Expression- Mark Gisi to provide a draft of the integration of the new license expression into the 2.0 specification and discuss
2) Exception List- Dennis Clark will discuss efforts on draft list, located here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmVnI0dGKEo1dDF0ajVveUtRMGFseVVjWS1zV2tCNFE&usp=drive_web#gid=0

and determine whether one more special call is needed to get through remainder

Jilayne & Paul

SPDX Legal Team co-leads

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