Jython and Python License Differences

Tom Incorvia

Hi SPDX Legal,


On a previous legal team call I offered to look into differences between the Python License 2.0 (Python-2.0) and the Jython licenses.  Note that Jython was originally called JPython.  References to the full set of JPython and Jython software will be stated below as “JPython/Jython”.    


There are 3 licenses associated with JPython/Jython.  Only one, the JPython 1.1.x Software License, is unique.  The other licenses are template matches for existing SPDX licenses:


The licenses:

1.       JPython 1.1.x Software License (attachment 1, unique): this is similar to but NOT a match for the SPDX CNRI Python License

2.       Jython 2.0, 2.1 License (attachment 2, template match): matches SPDX BSD-3-Clause license

3.       Jython License – covers version 2.2 and beyond: (attachment 3, template match): matches SPDX Python License 2.0


The comparisons:

1.       SPDX CNRI Python License and JPython 1.1.x Software License (attachment 4) – NO match

2.       SPDX BSD-3-Clause license and Jython 2.0, 2.1 License (attachment 5) – template match

3.       SPDX Python License 2.0 and Jython License (attachment 6) – template match


Recommendationslet’s discuss


-          Fedora does not distinguish between the 3 licenses – they are collapsed into a single “Good License” line item, “JPython License (old)”.   Although the single line item serves the Fedora “Good” “Bad” requirement, a single name for 3 distinct licenses will not be effective for the SPDX license matching criteria, and is not recommended 

-          “Jython 2.0, 2.1 License” and “Jython License” are template matches.  Our standard is to not create unique licenses for templates. 






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