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Tom Incorvia

Hi Jilayne,


Thanks for pointing out the possible flexibility in the license list; Oliver, thanks again for taking the time to submit this license.  I’ll be on the call today – great if you could join us in the discussion.


With regards to the “contributions need not be in source code form”, I was referring to section G: Binary Code Files - The software may include certain binary code files for which its source code is not included as part of the software, or that are packaged without the source code in an installable or executable package. As to these binary code files, unless applicable law gives you more rights despite this limitation, you must comply with all technical limitations in those files that only allow you to use it in certain ways. You may not modify, work around any technical limitations in, or reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble these binary code files, except and only to the extent that applicable law expressly permits, despite this limitation.






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Hi Oliver, Tom,


Just to clarify on Tom’s points - the normal process is to review based on the OSD as a starting point, although for a license to be on the SPDX License List, it does not need to strictly adhere to the OSD (see more info here, in particular, the bit under “Candidate License Analysis”


So, thanks to Oliver for his submission and to Tom for beginning the process via email (we do need more of that…) and surely the discussion will continue on the next legal call, which is tomorrow (hint hint)!


Tom, I’m not entirely clear what you mean by ‘contributions need not be in source code form” - which section are you referring to?


Oliver, I can’t remember what time zone you are in, but if you can join the call tomorrow, that would be helpful for the discussion, I’m sure.  It’s at 1pm ET and the dial-in info is:

Call this number: (United States) 1-415-363-0849 

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Hello Fendt,


I have been out of the SPDX mix for a while, but I believe that this license would not be considered an open source license based on theOSI criteria – this license is used by Microsoft for certain free distributions (for instance, the Microsoft Parallel Computing Platform).  However, these distributions have restrictions:


-          Contributions need not be in source code form

-          The license grants are limited to Microsoft platforms

-          Reverse engineering of binary files is prohibited (except where local law expressly permits)


I worked with SPDX for several years, and contributions like this are valued.  If you are interested in contributing as a team member, please communicate with Philip Odence podence@..., to determine which team would be the best fit – we are always looking for individuals who are involved in licensing.




Tom Incorvia

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Hi all,


We have found a license which is currently not available in the SPDX license list and I did not find it in the list “licenses under consideration”,  due to this I want to request that it will be included in the SPDX license list.

Please find below the required information for inclusion. The information provided by me is marked with “[Oliver]”


Thanks in advance. Please contact me if there are questions.


Provide a proposed Full Name for the license.

[Oliver] Microsoft patterns & practices License


Provide a proposed License Short Identifier.

[Oliver]  MSPPL


Provide a functioning URL reference to the license text, either from the license author or a community recognized source for the license text.


Create and attach a text file with the license text from the URL provided in #3. Proofread license text file to ensure that:



Indicate whether the license is OSI-approved [Yes/No]

[Oliver] No


Provide a short explanation regarding the need for this license to be included on the License List, including identifying at least one program that uses this license or a prior version of this license.

[Oliver] this license is used quite frequently in the context of the programming language C#


Please contact me if you need further information.







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