SPDX Legal call - Thursday!!

J Lovejoy

10am PT / 11am MT / 1pm ET
Call this number: (United States) 1-415-363-0849
Enter this PIN: 336247
Alternative Numbers: http://www.yuuguu.com/audio


1) Welcome Paul Madick from HP as our new Legal Team co-lead!!  

2) License Matching Guidelines - license templates
Jilayne has been going through the licenses to determine which ones need markup and which do not.  The following licenses need review by the legal team.  Please review the matching guidelines before the call: http://spdx.org/spdx-license-list/matching-guidelines
We will need to look at the following licenses (links and brief statement of issue listed below):

licenses that are not in English… do they need markup?  I don’t know…  how to deal with in terms of matching guidelines and templates?
  • CeCILL Free Software License Agreement v1.0
  • CeCILL Free Software License Agreement v1.1
  • CeCILL Free Software License Agreement v2.0
  • CeCILL-B Free Software License Agreement
  • CeCILL-C Free Software License Agreement
  • Deutsche Freie Software Lizenz
3) 2014 projects -  review list of projects and priorities for 2014 and email comments or time to discuss at next meeting

<note new email address for me below>

SPDX Legal Team co-lead

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