Re: Revisiting the SPDX license representation syntax

Wolfgang Denk

Dear Philippe Ombredanne,

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PS: For most of it there is nothing new there, SPDX does it alright.
PPS: Some of this may not mesh entirely well with the current SPDX
licenses list state (such as expressing "or later versions"
generically or how we deal with exceptions).

Here are the basic examples updated to SPDX:
Thanks - I mostly like this, but I would like to suggest a few inor
changes to make life easier especially to developers who are used to
standard operators in programming languages:

* mit ? gpl-2.0 : a disjunctive license choice of mit or gpl-2.0.
A choice must be made. (CHOICE, EXCLUSIVE OR, DISJUNCTION)
In C and some other programming languages, the EXCLUSIVE OR operator
is '^', so please make this "mit ^ gpl-2.0".

* gpl-2.0 ^ classpath : a license exception or supplemental terms:
here, the classpath exception to the gpl-2.0. nb: here we have a
slight change with the SPDX license list, where the exception would be
just the exception and not the whole gpl-and-classpath taken together
as one license.(EXTRA TERMS, EXCEPTION)
Please use a different operator t mark an exception, as '^' is kind of
reserved for XOR.


Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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