Re: A non-standard "permissive" license

Philippe Ombredanne

On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 4:16 AM, Meier, Roger <r.meier@...> wrote:
I fully agree on this, all licenses should be on the list (including
Licenses such as Oracle Binary License).
A prefix to identify local/private maintained licenses would be great. รจ use
one license database
I reckon there is a value in having a comprehensive and universal list
of licenses, but I sincerely doubt this is something that should in
the SPDX list as it is today, for the reasons I mentioned in an
earlier post.

Instead I could imagine something like a second level
non-authoritative community-curated site that inventories any licenses
could work out. And it could be the funnel for the most prominent
licenses to make it to the SPDX list.

I sincerely doubt that SPDX contributors would have the time and the
stamina to take on the job on maintaining a curated list like the
current SPDX list for every license that ever shows up.

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