Re: Follow-up on Research Items from Last SPDX Legal Meeting (9/5)

Philippe Ombredanne

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 2:24 AM, Jason Buttura (jbuttura)
<jbuttura@...> wrote:
I can't find any text for or even evidence of a BitTorrent Open Source License version 1.0.
Jason: there is a good reason for this:

The use of the V1.0 license was limited to a brief period in time and
a long seven years ago. Cases of actual reuse of code under this
license exist but are very rare. And even more rare in current Linux
distributions and actual alive open source projects or products. I
have never seen it used in any current codebase. Being a short-lived,
seldom-used transitional license, a valid question is whether this is
enough to justify having an SPDX license entry for it.
My opinion is that it is likely not enough and that we should consider
dropping it.

For the record:
This V1.0 license that was used briefly for versions 3.9.x and early
versions 4.x of BitTorrent circa 2005.
It can be found in the LICENSE.txt of the .tar.gz downloads for these
versions available here: such as in:
or in
in /usr/share/doc/BitTorrent-3.9.1/LICENSE.txt
or in;O=D

The actual license history is this :

- BitTorrent used an MIT license from late 2001 to until about 2005
- At about version 3.9.x it started using the V1.0 license. This V1.0
license was used briefly for releases made in 2005 from v3.9.x to
- Starting with v4.2.x the V1.1 was introduced.

Philippe Ombredanne

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