Re: Possible reasons new licenses aren't submitted

Bradley M. Kuhn <bkuhn@...>

I wrote:
GPL-2.0-with-GCC-exception from the list, and I didn't see any
instructions on SPDX's site on how to propose a comprehensive change
like that.
Jilayne Lovejoy wrote at 13:04 (PDT) on Friday:
We have endeavored to NOT remove licenses from the list once added. I
don't understand why you'd want to remove this? Isn't it possible to
still come across old versions (of any license) "in the wild?" (I know
I have.)
Can you show me examples of software packages that use
GPLv2-only-with-GCC-Exception? I'm amazed to learn that there's a
package that uses it. I believe it was mentioned earlier on this thread
that GCC doesn't even use that license.

Originally, the instructions just said to submit the information for
the license being suggested via email (including the license text).
But it was pointed out that some people may find the spreadsheet
easier as the fields could already be included for prompting and also
if one was submitting multiple licenses.
Could you change the instructions to explicitly allow submission by
email? Thanks!
-- bkuhn

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