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Michael J Herzog wrote at 12:55 (EDT) on Saturday:
Just in case anybody missed this...
And, just in case anyone missed the more recent change, the project has
been (aptly) renamed, since it is not officially a project
related to the GNU GPL.

BTW, Simon's article completely fails to point out the key flaw with
Github: it's a proprietary, trade-secret platform and therefore by
default it's a bad choice for licensing or Free Software project
governance. Indeed, it's even difficult to get a full and proper backup
of one's project from Github. Joey Hess wrote github-backup (see ), but IIUC,
there are a few things even it is unable to backup from the project due
to Github's trade-secrecy. Frankly, it's too bad the president of OSI
is promoting proprietary systems like Github.

Fortunately, Fontana himself isn't anymore; Fontana has DTRT here and
moved the project to gitorious:

I'm helping Fontana find an issue tracker that will work well for this
project, since Gitorious doesn't have an issue tracker.
-- bkuhn
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