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(I fully support Phil's previous response in terms of how to use the
various mailing lists; he has done a great job of moderating that. It is
GREAT to see all this interest and discussion, regardless of what list it
begins and ends on and those of us who have been long-involved with SPDX
are happy to see broader interest from new or newish people and companies.
But, it seems as though some basic misunderstandings are getting repeated
due to not fully understanding how the spec works, the purpose of the
license list, etc. So, one quick clarification to all lists, as the
previous explanations did not seem to make it through across the board.)

On 6/29/12 9:58 AM, "Peter Bigot" <bigotp@...> wrote:

Agreed. In this general forum we've heard that the existing SPDX
license list approach does not meet the needs of Linux distributions
(in the case I raised, OpenEmbedded) because it does not have the
flexibility to succinctly and accurately represent the current
licenses of many GPL packages like gcc and its libraries.
But it DOES have the flexibility to represent ANY license found
accurately. It just may not have the capability to do so succinctly, in
terms of using an SPDX License List short identifier.

Info on how to join the three workgroup mailing lists can be found here,
in case anyone missed that:

Jilayne Lovejoy, OpenLogic
(SPDX Legal Work Group co-lead)

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