3.20 License List release

Steve Winslow

Hello all,

The version 3.20 release of the license list is now tagged and live at https://spdx.org/licenses.
40 (!) new licenses / exceptions were added to the list:
  1. AdaCore-doc
  2. Autoconf-exception-generic
  3. BSD-4.3RENO
  4. BSD-4.3TAHOE
  5. BSD-Advertising-Acknowledgement
  6. BSD-Attribution-HPND-disclaimer
  7. Bitstream-Charter
  8. Brian-Gladman-3-Clause
  9. CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0-DE
  11. CMU-Mach
  12. Clips
  13. Cornell-Lossless-JPEG
  14. GNAT-exception
  15. Graphics-Gems
  16. HP-1986
  17. HPND-Markus-Kuhn
  18. HPND-export-US
  19. HPND-sell-variant-MIT-disclaimer
  20. IEC-Code-Components-EULA
  21. IJG-short
  22. JPL-image
  23. Kazlib
  24. LOOP
  25. MIT-Wu
  26. Martin-Birgmeier
  27. OFFIS
  28. OpenPBS-2.3
  29. QPL-1.0-INRIA-2004
  30. QPL-1.0-INRIA-2004-exception
  31. snprintf
  32. SunPro
  33. SWI-exception
  34. Symlinks
  35. TPDL
  36. TPL-1.0
  37. TTWL
  38. UCAR
  39. w3m
  40. xlock
The significant increase in the number of licenses added for this release cycle is particularly due to submissions from the Fedora community, as they continue to identify licenses used in Fedora components and adopt SPDX license identifiers. Many thanks to Richard Fontana and others from the Fedora community for submitting most of these requests, and to Jilayne Lovejoy for drafting the majority of the license XML files for this release.

The release also included schema and technical fixes, adjustments to markup for many licenses, updates and expansions to documentation, and various other changes.
More details can be found in the release notes at https://github.com/spdx/license-list-XML/releases/tag/v3.20.
Thank you as always to the participants in the SPDX Legal community and license request submitters who contributed to this release.

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