Re: SPDX in GSoC 2023!

J Lovejoy

Hi SPDX-legal,

I have added a potential project for GSoC related to improvements to the SPDX License Submission tool, especially as relates to generating the files once a license is accepted.

You can see it here: (plus a PR I have to add some more bits)

Further feedback and ideas are welcome.

We also need another mentor - does anyone in the SPDX-legal community have Django and Python programming skills by any chance??  :)


On 1/26/23 11:32 AM, Alexios Zavras wrote:

Hi everyone!


As every year, Google runs their Summer of Code program, where contributors get the opportunity to become part of Open Source communities. The SPDX Project has participated in the program in a number of years in the past. The way it works is that we publish project ideas and, if selected, newcomers to open source express their interest in them. The ones finally selected will spend their summer writing code under the guidance of mentors from our project. In order for contributors to join our community and help us, we have to publish a set of ideas where help is needed!


Therefore, this is a plea for ideas – and more importantly, mentors who can guide the new contributors and help them accomplish their projects!


Firstly, we are looking for project ideas! Either small or large, either incremental improvements to existing open source code or new pieces of software; everything is welcome!

Please read the basics on and then write a couple of lines on your great idea.


I’ve (hastily) created a special repo for all this:

Feel free to create PRs with your ideas!


Perhaps even more important than ideas, we are also looking for mentors! Please get in contact via the repo if you are willing to help new members become active participants to SPDX this summer. Each project should have at least two mentors (a primary and a secondary one) who will guide the contributors in their journey.


Feel free to open an issue in the repo if you want to discuss in more detail any of the above.

Looking forward to lots of participation!


-- zvr


PS. I’ve already added a project idea: help on the spec generation from our model files.

Off the top of my head I can think of other ideas like:

  • Outreach: help with the website
  • Legal: help with license submission tools, help with bulk import from other license lists
  • Tech: help with SPDXv3 implementation in Java, Go, etc.

But all these need mentors, otherwise they cannot be realistically proposed.


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