[ANNOUNCE] License and Security Compliance tools users and developers meeting on Feb. 3rd 2023, one day before FOSDEM in Brussels

Philippe Ombredanne


If you drop by FOSDEM, there is this one day event before FOSDEM, on
Feb. 3rd 2023, in Brussels.

Registration is needed but free (or for a fee) and we have limited seating.

FOSDEM Fringe event - Friday February 3rd 2023
FOSS license and security compliance tool developers and users workshop

We are organizing a one day workshop for developers and users of open
source compliance tools. This is planned in Brussels just before
FOSDEM on Friday February 3rd, 2023. We are inviting anyone interested
in open source license and security compliance tools to join.

The goal of this one day event is for open source developers, users
and contributors to exchange around tool requirements, plans, and
collaboration opportunities.

Which tools is this about? FOSS tools for software provenance
detection tools, license detection and compliance tools, code scanning
tools, package dependency analysis tools, container analysis tools,
SBOM creation and consumption tools, and license or vulnerability

Philippe Ombredanne

+1 650 799 0949 | pombredanne@...
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