Re: Open source licensing discovery

Henrik Sandklef


Thanks for sharing.

Can you compare your work to OSADL's checklists[0]?

Is there a way to compare two licenses via a call to your server?

Is there a way to fetch the data (JSON, txt...)?

Is the data




* example:

On 2022-12-15 21:56, Sihem Ben Sassi wrote:
Dear Spdx-legal community,
Improving open source licensing discovery and automating licenses processing are shared aims. From my side,and as first step, I am coming up with a unified description model, supported by a tool (OSLiFe-DiSC) helping in discovering, selecting and comparing open source licenses.
As legal experts and knowledgeable users in this field, you are the ones whose *feedback *is very important to measure and prove the added value as well as to identify improvement requirements / opportunities. So please:
1- See demo: <>
2- Access the tool and use: <>
3- Give your *feedback* (yes, *please*!): <>
  If you need more information about extracted legal terms and their definition, please refer to the manuscript available at <>
Many thanks in advance.
With Kind Regards,
Ph.D, HDR in computer sciences

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