Mismatches between OSI and SPDX

Max Mehl

Dear all,


In my organisation, we define all licenses approved by OSI as valid Open Source licenses. However, we also increasingly rely on SPDX and therefore also its license list.


Recently, we found several mismatches between OSI’s list of approved licenses [1] and the licenses marked as OSI-approved in SPDX’s list [2].

Certainly, some of these issues are on OSI’s side (e.g., misleading links or wrong SPDX identifiers). But most mismatches are from licenses on SPDX’s list that cannot be found on the OSI website.


I documented my findings for all issues in this gist:



Now, I am sure I’m not the first who notices this. Is this a known problem?

Is the OSI website incomplete and/or SPDX list incorrect? What can we do to better align both sources?


Thanks for any insights.






[1]: https://opensource.org/licenses/alphabetical

[2]: https://github.com/spdx/license-list-data/blob/v3.19/json/licenses.json



Max Mehl

Open Source Strategy & Governance

Enterprise-Team Chief Technology Office (CTO), T.IP E-T-378


DB Systel GmbH

Jürgen-Ponto-Platz 1, 60329 Frankfurt/M


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