licenses to review for submission

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

In light of our discussion on our last call about how to make it easier and faster to get licenses reviewed (and adhere to our 3 “votes” from spdx-legal members for a license to be included), I’m sending a list of license submission issues that have at least one person reviewed below - please have a look and add your thoughts! (analysis done for this one and is similar to #1551, so view together)

Note - not all of these used the license submission template. Relatedly, I used the new version of that on a couple and although the check boxes are an improvement, I still find it a bit clunky and slow. I am not sure if this is a biased view b/c I have so much historical knowledge, but I do think some of the factors are sort of “n/a” in some cases and you know that from the initial submission. That being said, I’m not sure I have any good ideas as to how to make it shorter or faster… yet….


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