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J Lovejoy

Hi David,

Off top of head, I’m not sure if any AI-specific license have been submitted in the past but one of the RAIL licenses has just been submitted recently. It had not been reviewed yet but any license with various restrictions on fields of use would not have been accepted under the old incision guidelines. TBD as so far as the current guidelines. 

From a lawyer’s perspective (separate from SPDX), I find the licenses with restrictions on various types of use - while well-intended - to be pose potential challenges, both legally and practically. Time will tell!


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On Sep 7, 2022, at 10:45 AM, David Kemp <dk190a@...> wrote:

Just out of curiosity, has SPDX been requested to or considered assigning identifiers to artificial intelligence software licenses?  I ran across the Stable Diffusion README, which contains the following:

The CreativeML OpenRAIL M license is an Open RAIL M license, adapted from the work that BigScience and the RAIL Initiative are jointly carrying in the area of responsible AI licensing. See also the article about the BLOOM Open RAIL license on which our license is based.

I don't know much about AI/ML, but it's still a fascinating topic.


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