for discussion: license inclusion guidelines

J Lovejoy

Hi all,

I just made a new issue to capture this, but wanted to raise it here for broader discussion.

If we say that all OSI-approved are included on the SPDX License List, would we want to extend this to licenses that have been deemed to meet the Debian Free Software Guidelines, Fedora guidelines, or Linux kernel guidance?

Even if not a definitive factor, would we want to allow for a lighter-weight review of such licenses to make it faster/easier to get to acceptance?

Thinking being that if large distros really want to be able to use SPDX ids across the board, then we need to be able to move quickly in the license review phase. While we have tended toward this in practice, we do not have it recorded in policy.

(not sure if this would be worthy of use of the new Change Proposal format - feels borderline for that, but happy to raise in that way, if people think that would help!)


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