Re: Automatically responding to accepted additions to the SPDX License List

Sebastian Crane

Dear Alexios,

Thanks for your feedback! My understanding of the new license addition
process was that the issue where the addition was requested would only
be closed after the associated PR was merged (which would happen
automatically if the PR author wrote "Resolves issue #xxx" in the PR
description). As such, my automation would only respond to closed

The whole process would be:

1: user creates an issue requesting the license addition
2: it's labelled as either accepted or declined
3: if it's accepted, a PR is created by someone
4: after PR is merged, the issue is closed
5: the script would automatically comment

Hope this explains it; let me know if I forgot something!

Best wishes,


On Thu, Aug 25, 2022 at 06:56:58AM +0000, Alexios Zavras wrote:
Nice automation work, Sebastian!

I'm probably missing something, but...
The review and the labeling as "accepted" is happening on the issue where someone submits a new license.
In order to have "the license's information added to the repository", we also need a PR with the license XML, test file, etc.

How is this handled?
I definitely remember cases in the past where licenses were accepted and then we had to wait a long time for a PR (or Steve usually went ahead and created one).

-- zvr

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Dear all,

I have good news! I've been able to create a CI workflow which responds to accepted license requests on GitHub automatically, letting everyone know that the license won't be visible on the website until the next release.

Attached is a screenshot from a test repository of mine, where I've simulated opening, labelling as accepted, then closing a 'New License Request' issue. To prevent it from running repeatedly, the workflow adds a 'finalised' label which it checks for before commenting. Let me know what you think of the wording and we can get this running for real!

Best wishes,


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