Re: Automatically responding to accepted additions to the SPDX License List

Jim Vitrano

Looks like a good message.  If there's a page that shows the schedule for the next release that we can point the submitter at, that might give submitters more of an idea of when to expect the release than a generic "sometime in the next three months."

One other suggestion is whether there's a better name for the new label than "finalised," when there's still a release step remaining before the process is fully final.  Maybe something like "acceptance notification sent" would be a better description, if a little wordier?

Thanks again, Sebastian!

- Jim

On 8/24/22 17:29, Sebastian Crane wrote:
Dear all,

I have good news! I've been able to create a CI workflow which responds
to accepted license requests on GitHub automatically, letting everyone
know that the license won't be visible on the website until the next

Attached is a screenshot from a test repository of mine, where I've
simulated opening, labelling as accepted, then closing a 'New License
Request' issue. To prevent it from running repeatedly, the workflow adds
a 'finalised' label which it checks for before commenting. Let me know
what you think of the wording and we can get this running for real!

Best wishes,


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