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McCoy Smith

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It's interesting that you mention CC0, as it has recently been
decided that CC0 is no longer suitable for Fedora code packages due
to its explicit non-grant of patent licences. I imagine other
distributions will follow suit eventually, which might potentially
leave a gap: for something as permissive as 0BSD but as rigorous
(regarding interpretation and patent licences) as the GPL.
I think it'd be better to have a CC0+Patent. I've raised that concept with
them a couple of times, but they were too busy or didn't have the internal
consensus to do something like that, although I tried again recently with their
new General Counsel so there may be again hope they'd pick it up.

As highly as I think of myself (as perhaps you Sebastian do of yourself), I
kind of feel like if it's just two people on the internet putting something
together it might not have as much traction as if a well-respected copyright
freedom-respecting non-profit did it instead.
For what it's worth, looks like someone tried to come up with something along these lines, and called it the Worldwide Public Domain Dedication
Looks to be based on CC0, but with a patent dedication and patent license backstop.
Not sure if anyone has actually used it, and I suspect the patent dedication might cause some people heartburn, but there is something out there.
Whether it ought to go into the SPDX public domain list I'll leave as an exercise for the readers.

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