Re: public domain dedications proliferation

Sebastian Crane

On Tue, Aug 16, 2022 at 09:25:38AM -0700, McCoy Smith wrote:

I think CC0 is probably the best attempt to come up with a truly comprehensive
PD dedication, but that requires including a backstop highly permissive
license attached. Whether that (or things like it) ought to be classified as a
‘license’ or a ‘PD dedication’ is moderately interesting although I tend to
think of it as both. But to me, anything that recites a permission, or which
has obligations – however mild – and doesn’t say “public domain” is a license.
It's interesting that you mention CC0, as it has recently been decided that CC0
is no longer suitable for Fedora code packages due to its explicit non-grant of
patent licences. I imagine other distributions will follow suit eventually,
which might potentially leave a gap: for something as permissive as 0BSD but as
rigorous (regarding interpretation and patent licences) as the GPL.

Let me know if you fancy writing that with me, McCoy ;)

Best wishes,


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