Re: [spdx-tech] Important changes to software license information in Fedora packages (SPDX and more!)

Neal Gompa

On Mon, Aug 1, 2022 at 4:20 AM Phil Odence via <> wrote:

Nice. This certainly makes it easy to map from Fedora to SPDX IDs!

 SPDX license identifiers have emerged as a standard


Woo hoo!


I hope you are all ready for the upcoming pains in the next few years. Transitioning Fedora to SPDX is not going to be a happy time for a little while, since there's a huge impedance mismatch between Fedora and SPDX, as well as an incomplete identification of licenses on the SPDX side. I know I'm not looking forward to recategorizing all the MIT and BSD license variants. I expect we're going to see a lot of new license submissions over the coming years as all packages get re-audited in a future phase...

I wonder if we're going to regret this extra "precision" in the end?

On a personal note, I am still rather upset about some aspects of the expression syntax that I had been informed years ago would be fixed, but has apparently not been. In particular, the specification still does not allow lowercase "or"/"and"/"with" even though all the parsers accept it. Reading SPDX expressions with capital operands is very painful for humans (which is what these things are actually for). Any chance we can get this fixed soon?

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