Re: [spdx-tech] stable spec URLs

Max Mehl

~ J Lovejoy [2022-07-26 06:00 +0200]:
If I wanted to link to, for example, Annex D, in a way that would remain
stable with subsequent versions of the spec, then I could use the HTML
format, and then the link - and this
would still point to the Annex D on SPDX license expressions even for
version 2.3 of the spec - is that right? (assuming of course that Annex
D doesn't change name such that the link also changes)
Interesting question! I, too, am a bit confused of the various URLs.

Asked the other way round: are there also stable links for older
versions, e.g. a permalink for 2.2 and its clauses/annexes once 2.3
would be released?


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