Joint SPDX Tech / Legal call - namespaces

Gary O'Neall

Greetings all,


Below is information on the follow-up meetings regarding license namespaces.  Please mark your calendars if you are interested in attending – I will not be sending out any calendar invites.


I copied the minutes from our last call to the github repo:  The policy discussion is captured in this Google doc:


One of the key decisions from the last meeting is that we will require registered DNS domains for the external license namespaces.


There’s still some work on remaining on the policy, so please feel free to continue the discussion through comments and suggestions in the Google Doc before the next meeting.


It’s been a bit of a challenge to schedule the follow-up meetings, so we’re going to change the order of the discussions based on availability of those leading the discussions.


We’ll have a call limited to the namespace syntax immediately following the tech team call on Tuesday (10:30 AM Pacific Time, 17:30 GMT 28 June 2022) led by Alexios.  Please review the current proposed syntaxes in the GitHub Pull Request:


We will have a separate call to complete the policy discussions on Friday at the usual time (8:00 AM Pacific, 15:00 GMT 1 July 2022) led by the legal team (Steve and/or Jilayne).


Both meetings will just the JITSI coordinates:

Dial-in: +1.512.647.1431 PIN: 3275 0470 68#


If any policy decisions impact the syntax, we will revisit the syntax after the policy discussion on Friday.


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the follow-up meetings or agendas.




Gary O'Neall

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