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J Lovejoy

(responding via email so I can add spdx-legal mailing list; not sure what mess this will make in Github, so apologies in advance)

On 5/26/22 12:00 AM, Alexios Zavras (zvr) wrote:

Quick couple of comments to @jlovejoy reply above:

Starting from the end, yes, the idea for these private lists is that they cover licenses not in SPDX License List. But I assume people might also want to use them for licenses not currently in the SPDX License List.

that is my understanding too

On the publishing point (3), you are correct in understanding the problem: given an identifier, there has to be an SPDX Document that uses the "other license info detected" section to say "hey, for this the corresponding text is this".

The two alternatives we have are:
a) people submit this document and we store it in a repo; or
b) people submit the location of this document and we store (the location) in a repo.

There are obvious pros and cons to both approaches. But I think we just need to be realistic that (a) may end up requiring some "curation" of some kind if it's in an SPDX repo.

On that note, it appears that the current submission tool is really just (b)?

In both cases, the SPDX project will not be checking content like "someone using a license text that matches a license already on the SPDX License List" or anything like this. Yes, it would be "bad", but this can also happen today: someone defining their own LicenseRef-MIT.

while you are correct that this could happen today, I still think that by not checking the content, we almost give greater license.
Look at Philippe's submission, for example, it links to the entire database of licenses ScanCode has found, which presumably includes all that are already on the SPDX License List. So already we are not differentiating well b/w SPDX License List and the point of LicenseRef (not on SPDX License List).

The SPDX project registers namespaces, not what goes within them.

but what goes within them - which I take to mean the specific, full LicenseRef with namespace and license, plus text of license has to go somewhere (see above)

Related to checks during registration process (point 4), I believe everyone until now only talks about automated checks, no human decision involved. Things like:

  • checking whether the namespace is not already registered;
  • checking whether the format of the namespace is correct;
  • checking whether the URL is valid;
  • checking whether the URL resolves to a document;
  • checking whether the document is a syntactically correct SPDX document;
  • etc.
do we currently have all the tooling to do all these things? If not, who is going to develop for the gaps?

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